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All new cars come with a dedicated service schedule for that exact make and model, that specifies what is required based on age and mileage (whatever comes first)


Vehicle specific service schedules are designed by manufacturers to:


  • Maintain warranty

  • Ensure safety is to the highest standards

  • Keep performance and fuel economy for maximum efficiency

Whilst a car is under manufacturer warranty, it is important these standards are met on time by a qualified technician using only genuine parts and lubricants that meet manufacturer specifications. 

Allow Byron Bay Mobile Mechanics to carry out your logbook service to the highest standard, in order to uphold your manufacturers warranty.


A road test is performed and a vehicle report is completed. You will always be advised of anything that requires urgent attention and provide a quote before any repairs are carried out. We will stamp your service book and supply a service reminder sticker.


Optional Extra:

Premium Care engine service

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